Vision 2020 - Your Best Year Yet!

Vision 2020 - Your Best Year Yet! by Jamie Hansen

So here we are in the fourth quarter of 2019. My year so far has been full of adventures, small victories, setbacks, curveballs, and new connections and ideas. The novel and unfamiliar seems to have become the new routine. Whether your 2019 has been a handful like mine or a little more predictable, it's worthwhile to consider what we've learned and what we wish to prepare for in 2020.

Whatever your 2019 has held, my wish for you would be to head into 2020 as strong, confident, and capable as ever. Sounds great, you say, but how is that possible? Here are a few thoughts for your consideration:

  1. Make a list of five remarkable moments from 2019. What's on your list? AN unexpected setback? Something you accomplished that you never guessed you would? Perhaps a life lesson learned the hard way? Write down the moments that come to mind.

  2. Consider how these moments may have been connected. Were you using your strengths? Were you falling prey to a blindspot? What made these moments remarkable for you? What would you have done differently if you knew they were coming?

  3. Take these lessons into account and ask yourself how life could go differently with a consistent and intentional effort toward personal growth in one of three areas:
    • How I manage the conflicts in my life
    • How I maintain my personal resilience
    • How I understand and communicate with others

  4. Keeping in mind that we never fully "arrive" in our growth journey - no matter how skilled we become - how would an elevated awareness in these areas impact your life? If one growth in one or more of these areas would make a difference for you, I challenge you to pursue a deliberate growth strategy.

It is my hope that this analysis gives you a powerful springboard into 2020. In particular, I encourage you to analyze your opportunities for growth and identify the area which could provide the best return on your investment, and thus the most successful outcomes for your personal and professional life.

Our Alloy team is always here to help you grow, and your success is our inspiration. If there is anything we can do to support you or your team toward personal and organizational development, please do not hesitate to contact us at 402.779.5846 or by email at [email protected]. To your success in 2020!


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