A Simple Checklist for Well-Being

A Simple Checklist for Well-Being, from Alloy Solutions
Your guide to managing your physical, mental, and emotional health during isolation.

Time marches on, doesn't it? As these unprecedented times continue, our team has been inspired by the community reaction around the globe - millions of people have shared their insights into living under uncommon circumstances. With that in mind, here's a checklist for some basic daily activities to maintain your well-being:

Don't Skip Personal Hygiene

Years from now, we will probably look back and wonder why everyone decided that staying home meant shirking certain practices. Kick-start your daily productivity by sticking to this daily routine. Take a shower, brush your teeth, and face the day with confidence. Your family members will thank you.

Fuel Your Body

We all know that America runs on Dunkin, but your body runs on water. Make a point to get a few glasses of water each day, rather than a steady diet of coffee. The same applies to your food. Be sure to mix in the occasional fruits and vegetables between meals from your quarantine cookbook.

Tend to Your Surroundings

Take a quick glance around your home. How is it looking these days? No judgment here - tidiness is hardly the top priority during a pandemic. Make a small shift to keep a sense of order and purpose. Clean one surface every day, or even one room each day if you're feeling ambitious. You will be ahead of the curve before the end of the week.

Keep Your Contacts

Isolation robs us of those small, daily touches. You remember those: a quick chat with a coworker on the elevator, or high-fiving your gym partner. Challenge yourself to deliberately check in with someone who does not live in your house. Send a text or make a short phone call. These are social connections - so it doesn't count if they are already on your daily calendar.

Move Your Body

Exercise feeds your brain. Find some time to deliberately get your heart rate up and break a sweat! Get those endorphins flowing in order to fuel your physical, mental, and emotional health all at once. Go for a walk, a jog, a bike ride. Throw a ball. Play some fetch. Do what you can within safe social distancing recommendations.

Do Something Fun

Think about the last week. Did you do anything that you wanted to do? If not, put it on the calendar for this week. When everything seems to be outside of our control, doing just one thing that we can control goes such a long way. Maybe it's exercise, maybe it's reading a book - either way, the power is in taking time for yourself and finding joy in your life!


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