A Check-Up from the Neck Up

cindy braun edify Apr 10, 2020

A Check-Up from the Neck Up, by Cindy Braun

One Word . . . have you chosen your one word for the year 2020? Are you thinking maybe I should change it given the circumstances we are living? This idea for me was inspired by a book written by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page called “One Word that will Change Your Life.”

During my career in sales, marketing, facilitating and coaching, I have used many acronyms to keep my mind and behavior engaged positively toward making a difference in others’ lives. I haven’t done it perfectly and sometimes my actions may not have provided positive encouragement as desired. However, by following the instructions provided in this book, I have seen positive strides in my thinking and behavior.

Before I share with you my word selected for 2020, here is a word for you to consider adopting in your daily practice. This word adopted 15 years ago has dramatically impacted a positive change in my life. HALT - are you Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired?  Nine times out of ten, when I respond with negative behavior or attitude, it is directly correlated with one of these four feelings. When I lead conflict management skills classes with Alloy Solutions, I teach how to “halt” and think about your response before blasting someone with words you cannot take back.

John Maxwell also teaches about our attitude with this question, “What am I doing right now to turn my negative feelings into positive actions?”  Or as a good friend asked me during a stressful time in my life, “Is it time for a check-up from the neck up?” Taking a pause right now during your new normal workdays may be helpful - even if it is for 5 minutes to breathe, step outside and select a word to affirm your value.

 When we feel life is out of control, you can control your own decisions and how you respond. Therefore, my word for 2020 is “Edify” which means “to instruct or benefit, especially morally or spiritually; uplift.” It is important to ask, what outcome would I like to see from speaking this word during 2020?

By now you may have read many articles, listened to podcasts, been invited to several Zoom meetings or may simply plan to live in denial about the pandemic our world is facing. I know our team at Alloy Solutions has had to pivot with solutions to reach our clients and audience. As a team, we are implementing tools of change management to help provide that “Check up from the Neck Up” with our virtual live chats and webinars regarding resilience.

Let us know which “One Word” you have adopted for 2020, and be sure to speak it out loud at least once a day to “bring about what you think about."


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