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Going through the DISC workshop with basically our entire salaried team has allowed us to build a common language around communication. This has helped break down some of the silos and build better cross-functional team communication. The feedback that we got from the participants on the DISC workshop was 100% positive!

Amanda C.
HR Manager

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I really enjoyed Leader-Chip and would love to attend another one! Everyone I met at the event is great at what they do and I can tell they really enjoy helping people!

Cali R.

Development of leaders in my organization is something that most people want and few people get. Our hope in working with Jamie was to put together short teachings so that those who were hungry to learn more had the opportunity.

The best part for me personally, is that I am always challenged. Jamie has a way of helping you see different perspectives, while at the same time relating to the situation that you are in. I think those that have taken part in any of the coaching/training sessions have walked away with intention to improve. The interactions and role playing have been invaluable.

I would encourage anyone who is even slightly considering it to give it a try, or at a minimum reach out for a discussion on what Alloy can offer for their specific situation. Not once have I ever felt that an event, conversation or training/coaching session was not more valuable than what I anticipated.

Michaela J.
Training Supervisor

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Jamie was a keynote speaker at a conference Iattended. She was able to get a room full of people engaged. I have attended this conference for many years and to see the attendees involved was great! Not an easy task. I took away several good points.

Christy H.
Portfolio Optimization

I was nervous that some of my coworkers would not participate and complain that they have work to do, however Jamie and Ryan fostered a safe environment where everyone was very open and there was much brainstorming.

Theresa W.

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It's not a one-size-fits-all strategy; they tailor to your needs. They help develop solutions to drive your teams and business forward, taking you out of your comfort zone and thinking about yourself and your people differently. It has been a game changer for myself and my organization.

John L.