DISCover Your Team's Potential

22 Experts. 22 Chapters.
Get ready to unleash the full capacity of your team, your leadership, and your life with this best-selling insider's guide to the DISC Model of Human Behavior.


Change Your Communication.

Change Your Life.

Your guide to applying the DISC model to your life, as told by 22 experienced coaches and consultants.

If you're ready to grow your influence and increase the effectiveness of your team members, then you will absolutely benefit from DISCover Your Team's Potential. This best-selling book is a collaboration between 22 Human Behavior Consultants, certified to coach and train in the DISC Model of Human Behavior. Throughout the book, all 22 consultants share their best insights from years of working with teams and leaders from around the world. The very best lessons from 22 experts, earned through years of coaching and training thousands of managers and leaders - all in one book!

AND: with our special coaching package, you get two DISC assessments and a consultation call, so you and a colleague, friend, or family member can learn even more about how you relate to one another with DISC!

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